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01. Jan

*Shoe shopping for Seychelles in 2019*

Seychelles is an island whose most of their activities are centered around water, it is an ideal destination for beach lover, but first let’s give a brief history if I may of the *The Republic of Seychelles* . Seychelles is an island nation that sits more than 900 miles off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean. The country comprises of 115 different islands, many of which are uninhabited. The country has a history influenced by both the French and the British (and both their slave trades, which brought people over from mainland Africa). Because of this, the islands are an interesting mix of cultures with three official languages: English, French, and Creole. So why should you visit, well @mygatehub said it better the beach duh!! The Seychelles are home to what are arguably some of the best beaches in the world. Fine white sand, turquoise waters, and a year-round tropical climate makes this place a dream. Here is how she’s planned for her trip to Seychelles as a Travelpreneur ( SO SHOE SHOPPING FOR THE SEYCHELLEIAN BEACH. Here are some beach classic

1. Bamboo – Cure (HGix5918) 2. Mia – Corklynn(HG1934) 3. Luichiny - Lucky Girl(HG2473) 4. DMG – Nora(HGd3305)