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01. Jan

Growing up, I always saw my aunt in heels, pink suede heels, black patent pumps, high heeled sandal, kitten heels, she was always in heels. I often wondered why and it wasn’t until I turned 21 till I asked her why one Sunday morning on our way to church. “Aunty”, “yes dear” she replied “why do you always wear heels?” I asked. She looked at me with a sudden burst of laugher, I was a bit confused but laughed along with her “well my dear” she began, “Heels help bring out more of your feminity, that girly, ladylike, and feminine body,” she continued “When a woman walks in heels, she looks better. Heels can make you appear taller and thinner, they make you look like you have better posture and longer legs, do you remember that my ‘5 inch stiletto heels’ I got last month from the best online store” “yes your pink randivie pumps” I answered, “yes that you admired so much then wore to see that boy of yours without my permission” “yes aunty I remember, I apologized for that you know” feeling a bit ashamed “yes you did which was the matured thing to do and that is by the way”… “but more seriously really tho, for me, I’m more confident in heels, and I love the way I feel my hips move when I’m in heels not to talk about my height, ‘giggling’… “men get intimidated by tall women so, yeah” “really” “yeah” she replied “and that’s all, when you start wearing your own heels bought with your money, maybe then will you find out what wearing heels feels and means to you, is that okey dear?” I smiled “yes aunty…im gonna go now, thanks” “anytime dear” she said with her warm smile.

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