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01. Jan

She knew she had wronged him and she had to make it right, she wasn’t ready to lose her man to some girl and she knew what memory to trigger to bring him back to her, she knew him. Her thoughts bounced all over the place as she ran through how she allowed them to get to this point...”pride”... she had her answer

Grabing her bagsshe realized she had left the secret ingredient at home… “driver, turn the car back home I forgot my shoe”.. “But madam” the driver replied “ you no forget am, you give me make I put am for the boot”, “No.. take me back home. All others are useless without that one”.. Her darey had bought her a black leather 5-inch randivie he strongly believed would give her a special, special type of sexiness. She wasn’t a fan of super high heels but she noticed the excitement in his voice whenever he talked about wanting to get it for her and she declined “ok” she remembered saying “ill wear it just for you if it’ll make you happy” she remembered his heart warming smile he gave in excitement, wear it with that gown I like, ill place the order on, you get it tomorrow morning then I come to pick you at 7 cool?” “cool”.i replied.

”we don reach house” came the drivers voice over her thoughts. She hurriedly ran back in to get it “ randivie fresh pumps”….

Back on the road, she resumed her thoughts as she got dressed at the back seat as the driver drove her to him, her “dare”…

She remembered the look in his eyes as she came out in her super short red bodycon dress and randivie fresh pump heels, “why are you looking at me like that dare you're making me shy”… she chuckled at the thought, how he still made her feel like a baby.. “you look ravishing” he said, it was the way he said it that made her heart skip, the intensity in his eyes as he walked up to her, the goose chill she felt all of a sudden, her legs going stiff as he pulled her close with hunger.. She remembered stuttering “is it this heels that’s gotten you hot”, “, it's you in those heels” and Lord knows it was all heavy in the house after that.

She pushed the door bell, “who is it?”… “She missed her darey’s voice “its me”… long pause and then the door opened. I stood by the door in a red bodycon dress and black randivie. He took one look at me and I saw it in his eyes, the same one he had on that night, the rest as they say is history but yeah, I got my darey back…


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