Best Exercise Routine Ever!

This 30-minute workout was designed and demonstrated by Lisa Corsello, founder of Burn SF. It’s seriously the best workout ever, as it combines Pilates, strength training and cardio.

Warming up

Corsello starts with what she calls Triceps Jacks, which are jumping jacks but instead of raising your hands over your head, you’re punching through the backs of your arms; she says that she wants you to feel your triceps from the start. Move from the triceps work into punching out slightly for a few more repetitions, and then go into regular jumping jacks, extending your arms all the way. Move from the jacks into a step-and-reach routine. Corsello says that it doesn’t matter if you reach or if you punch, the punch will add a little energy but you really just want to think about it as an active stretch. Everything is working, every part of your body: that’s the way to warm up. Then you can transition into low jacks to open up your chest. That’s the goal. If you open your feet a little you can start opening up your hips as well.
Best Exercise Routine


Now that you’re warmed up, you can pick up your weights. Your feet should be a little bit wider than shoulders, and squat, looking down, so that you can verify that your knees are aligned with your feet. Do this for a while and then go down and hold the squat and pulse lightly for a 10-count then stand up. Next, you’ll do a static lunge, followed by a knee repeater. Corsello says, “Now, I want you to pause and reach your arms as far forward as you can, all that way in your left leg, it should be burning. Now we pulse, pulse, it should feel crazy hard.”  When that’s done, go back to the weights and the squats.


Breathe deeply and pick up your weights again. You’ll start with triceps with a movement called kickbacks. After that, it’s a Chaturanga pushup, which you can do from either your knees or your toes, and remember to keep your abs tight. Do two sets and then change to a triangle pushup. After the pushups, move on to lateral raises.


Move the weights out of the way and go down to the mat: you’re going to start with basic crunches: exhale up, inhale down. “So the whole time,” she says, “I want you to think about your pelvis, is like a bowl that’s full of water and you don’t want the water to slosh or tip. Keep it still.”  The move into tabletop with your knees over your hips, chin parallel to the ceiling, hands behind the head, and pedal as though you’re on a bicycle. Next, you’ll work on the obliques, which are like an advanced bicycle crunch.

Cardio & abs

Start with repeaters: left foot down, right foot back, angling your body forward. Add a little depth and a little hop as well. Squat, hop. This one is a super deep squat, knees tracking over your ankle.

Finale & cool-down

Lie down into an isometric hold, pulling the abs in. Curl up to your highest point, your arms are about two or three inches about the mat, look at your belly button, draw it in, start to pump those arms. Then after 20 reps, put your hands behind your head, bend your knees, crisscross. Go into a double knee stretch: inhale, arms go back towards the ears, legs stretch out. Finish out in a deep forward full; roll your head to the right and left, slowly, breathing deeply.

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