Getting Your Body to Look Good Naked with a 10 Minute Workout

It’s one thing to get in shape, but it’s another to look good naked – that’s the ultimate goal. You want to be completely confident in your own skin to the point where looking naked is absolutely normal. It’s finding your sexy and doing the right workouts to help you get to that point. Building a body that you are comfortable in and that you’re proud of is the reason why you should get in shape primarily. It’s your health and how you feel inside that’s most important. Here’s how to get your body to look good naked with a 10-minute workout.

Building Your Lower Half with a Great Endurance Workout

Part of looking good naked is all about how much endurance and stamina you possess. There are a couple of main exercises that will give you a good workout while building your cardio. The name has the late and great Muhammad Ali in to help you get that good boxing footwork. You simply put your feet together and make them come apart and switch. This will give you good mobility and build stamina in your legs. You can make the steps smaller and faster so you don’t incur any injuries. The impact of this workout helps your quads, inner thighs, butt, and calf muscles. A quick jack does the exact thing. You can use a mat and let one side of each leg go off the mat. Then you can have them go back in together nice and fast for a high-intensity workout. If you recently had a kid, you may want to take this a bit slower and not hop so much.

Working on Your Core, Back, and Shoulders

If you like complex workouts, this will surely have your body get to a level where it can be naked. There’s an exercise called a pushup and rotation. Basically, after each pushup is completed, you rotate the body and raise for the kid. This will help not only your chest and shoulders but also works for the back as well as the core. This will be a tough workout to get through but the rewards of consistent will be worth the wait. You’ll build a few major muscle groups evenly. Also, you’ll notice how to get really slim overall, you should work for different groups early. This multiple muscle group grower is essential to looking good naked.

Increase Your Explosiveness With Burpees

No, we aren’t talking about small burps. We are talking about a movement that’s really dynamic and truly tests the stamina of your body. This is a full-on body workout that you’ll feel in your legs, your core, your arms, and your shoulders. Not only will you build your breathing to a different level and give your body more stamina, but it’ll shed off the pounds quicker because of the after-burn effect. This will make you look really good naked.

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