Learn the basic techniques in Muay Thai

People use to learn self-defence techniques to protect themselves from other persons. There are different types of martial arts techniques all over the world. People can learn any of them and develop their self-defence skills easily.  In the earlier days, individuals need to have the guidance of a professional to learn those techniques but today, they can learn them easily with the help of internet sources. The online sites are having video tutorials for learning every technique. Instead of spending money for a professional they can simply make use of these sources and learn anything they want.

What is Muay Thai?

It is a combat sport that belongs to Thailand and it will include a lot of clinching techniques. Since this technique involves both mental and physical discipline, it is said to be the art of eight limbs. Since the twentieth century, people from many countries have started to practice Muay Thai. The techniques in this Muay Thai are generally classified into two different groups and they are luk mai and make mai. The luk mai stands for minor techniques whereas the mae mai stands for major techniques. You can get to know more about this Muay Thai through internet sources. Some of the basic techniques in Muay Thai are mentioned in the following passages.

Basic techniques


This technique includes three different parts as Mobility and stretching, jump rope and shadowboxing. Each of these parts will be carried out for 6 to 10 minutes. For example, the mobility and stretching will be performed for 10mins whereas the jump rope will be around 6 minutes and the shadow box has to be practiced for 9 minutes.

In the time of shadow boxing, you should imagine that you have an opponent. You should work at the speed of 70% for the three rounds. You have to follow the proper body and head movement while doing this. You must also focus on the footwork and defending the opponent.  You can easily learn this by watching some practical videos on the internet.


Heavy bag work:

To practice this technique you must have a bag and you have to push it as it swings front and back. Doing this will improve your footwork and increase your development time. You just have to stand against the bag and kick it by circling the bag from side to side.

5 rounds freestyle:

Here you will be practicing all your footwork patterns, weapons, feints and defensive techniques. You have to remember the same things which you did in the time of working with the bag. It may be a little complicated in the initial stage, but you can learn it easily by practicing regularly.

As is mentioned already, you can go online and find effective tutorials from internet sites. Then you can practice with the instructions given in those tutorials and work on them. It will be easy for you to learn the tricks and techniques easily.

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