Yoga as a Hangover Aide

Most adults find themselves in that uncomfortable post-party situation of being hungover at some time in their life. That sluggish hard to get moving feeling that is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and the most intense headache imaginable has been known to ruin many a day and prompt some of the most outlandish hangovers cures that range from health drinks to sweat baths. It’s no wonder that certain yoga moves have now been thrown into the hat as a hangover aide. But, how can yoga help you feel better when you’ve been playing a little too hard?

The Yoga Premise

Yoga is one of those activities where exercise meets meditation creating a complete body experience. By performing specific movements in combination with deep breathing the body can rejuvenate. Deep breathing infuses the bloodstream with oxygen and paired with yoga movement flow this newly oxygenated blood is rushed out to your muscles and organs providing them with much-needed nutrients as well as purging bio-toxins from the body. It is this metabolic process that makes yoga experts recommend yoga as an effective hangover remedy.

Types of Yoga

Many types of yoga increase in difficulty and flexibility requirements. Some of the more common yoga classes available are:

  • Strength Training Yoga – This type of yoga is directly focused on elongating and strengthening all of the muscles of the body. Poses are usually held for longer periods of time to allow muscles to push their boundaries and become stronger in the process. This type of yoga class usually runs for about 90 minutes and depending on the instructor can include advanced movements.
  • Rejuvenation Yoga – Rejuvenation yoga is typically about a 45-minute class that focuses on stretching as well as loosening stiff joints. Some minor strength training moves can be involved depending on the instructor; however, the main goal for this type of yoga is to refresh the body.
  • Hot Yoga – As the yoga trend has become more of a life choice than a trend, hot yoga has emerged. Hot yoga is performed in a heated room to intensify the sweat and overall toxic purging effect created when performing deep yoga positions and flows.

Why does yoga work on a hangover?

The heart-pumping oxygenated blood through the body as rhythmic yoga flows opens up the many systems of the body to accept those much-needed nutrients is one of the key factors as to why yoga is an effective remedy. Combining a gentle medium paced yoga flow with plenty of hydration increases the number of toxins being eliminated from the body while replenishing those nutrients that may have been depleted through lack of sleep, alcohol, and excessive physical activities. This helps shorten the duration of a hangover while lessening the effects and intensity of those effects.

With so many hangover remedies passed around it can sometimes be difficult to choose the one that will work for you. Yoga is one of those good-for-you remedies that will have you back up and moving in no time.

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