3 Phrases To Look Out For When Hiring A Business Blogging Agency

 Everyone at The Blogshop is proud to say that we’re currently the only dedicated business blogging agency.

However, there are other digital agencies and freelancers out there who are more than willing to work with you to develop your business blog and we know that some of them will without a doubt do a great job.

Unfortunately, as business blogging is still a relatively new resource, it’s easy for organizations to believe they’re going to be working with a quality agency/freelancer to develop their business blog to receive fantastic results, especially when they hear certain phrases.

The issue is that a lot of these phrases – phrases that are purposely enticing and which will instantly grab your attention – are often impossible to follow up on and the following three are perfect examples of phrases you need to look out for when you’re thinking about hiring a business blogging agency.

1.  ”We can fill up your blog”

We may mention this a lot on our blog and you may read it on every other blog related to any form of online activity or business development, but quality should always, always, always prevail over quantity.

Having a business blog filled with content is something that every organization should aspire to have – but it must be developed over time.

It can be difficult to write five high-quality, industry-relevant and attractive blog posts each week continually and as much as you might be able to do so for a few weeks, you can soon find that you’re regurgitating the same information over and over again.

And if you end up producing poor-quality content, your visitor numbers are going to be reflective of this.

2.  ”We can guarantee an increase in sales/search engine positioning/website traffic”

No matter what anyone tells you about business blogging, you can not guarantee an increase in any area of business.

As much as we would like to guarantee that you will see a 100% increase in sales or you’ll get 10,000 more visitors to your website each month if you are set up and maintain a business blog, it’s not a guarantee we can see through – just like an SEO agency can’t guarantee you’ll be number one in the search engines for your chosen keywords.

However, just like SEO agencies, although a business blogging agency can’t provide cast-iron guarantees for results, we can draw upon our past experiences to say that, if you develop and maintain a business blog, you’ll be able to see – as a minimum – an increase in:

  • Search engine positioning
  • Web traffic volume and quality
  • Visitor conversions

So, while we can’t guarantee a specific search engine position or a specific number when it comes to increased visitors, we can say that the above three points – and numerous more – will all be positively impacted through business blogging.

3.  ”We will publish your blog posts on a network of blogs”

Simply put, this isn’t business blogging – this is developing backlinks to your website.

And as fantastic and important as developing backlinks is for increasing your positioning in the search engines, it’s an SEO activity and not business blogging.

The primary purpose of any business blogging strategy should be to create an open platform upon which you can communicate to your customers about anything from industry news to product reviews.

Although a well-developed and properly maintained business blog can impact positively SEO, the main focus should always be on raising the level of communication between the company and consumer, something that publishing blog posts on other blogs and not on your own company branded, the dedicated blog doesn’t do.

While there are benefits to publishing blog posts on other blogs – guest blogging can be particularly beneficial – you must ensure there is sufficient, quality content on your business blog first.

At The Blogshop, we truly believe that every organization can benefit from business blogging. While we would love to work with every organization to develop their business blogging strategy, we understand that some will look to choose other agencies or freelancers.

As business blogging can be a confusing topic for some, it’s for this reason why we want to ensure as many organizations as possible know what to expect, whether they decide to choose business blogging services from The Blogshop or not.

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