3 Reasons You Must Develop And Stick To A Business Blogging Schedule

We’ve previously talked about timing and scheduling your business blog posts (‘The Importance Of Blog Post Timing Within Any Business Blogging Strategy‘) and why it’s important you don’t jump around too much when it comes to publishing content.

It’s an issue that we see regularly, however and today, we want to address it more directly – although it can seem like a relatively minor point in the grand scheme of blogging, it’s a lot more imperative to get right than most first believe.

1.  People prefer regular blog posts

A 2010 study by Dan Zarella into blog post timing and scheduling showcased that the more blog posts published on a blog, the more traffic the blog receives.

It needs to be understood that this study looked at a wide spectrum of blogs – not just business blogs – and so for blogs that are business to business to orientated, they are likely to have very minimal activity on a weekend no matter how many times content is published.

However, the study proves that people enjoy reading high-quality content regularly and so while each industry is different, publishing regular content on your business blog is going to be nothing but beneficial to its ongoing success.

2.  It increases staff writing/approval efficiency

At The Blogshop, we always work with clients to ensure the blog posts created are perfectly suited to their key messaging before they’re published and this includes having the client approve the blog post content.

By sticking to a regular schedule, we not only know which blog posts need to be written by when, but our clients can schedule time into their diaries at regular points throughout the week to read through the blog post content before it’s published.

Similarly, if all business blogging is carried out in-house, a regular schedule will generally lead to increased staff efficiency, as they know when they need to have blog posts written and can schedule that time around other work.

3.  Integration with other strategies is easier

One of the main benefits of developing and maintaining a business blog is that due to its versatility, it can integrate seamlessly and support numerous other strategies, from marketing to sales.

Although still a possibility without a business blogging schedule in place, an open schedule that’s shared between departments means that blog posts can be allocated to certain areas of the business to support, for instance, a sales promotion at a specific time throughout the year.

We understand how difficult it can be to provide regular content on your business blog and our business blogging services are aimed at completely alleviating this pressure and removing the difficulties faced.

However, irrelevant of whether you work with a business blogging agency or you create, manage and distribute your blog posts internally, developing and sticking to a business blogging schedule is imperative to the continued success of your business blog.

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