7 Things To Take From The Brit Awards To Help With Business Blogging

 Arguably the most coveted event in the British music calendar, the Brit Awards are a ceremony celebrating the best of British music.

Taking place for over three decades, the 2021 Brit Awards was hosted at London’s O2 arena earlier in the week and although it might seem as though there is no obvious link between the awards and business blogging, there are seven things that every organization can take away from the Brit Awards to help with their business blogging strategy.

1.  Have a routine…

Like any awards ceremony, the Brit Awards has various routines it follows, from those that are somewhat flexible or changeable – for example, every year you’re going to see a mixture of awards being presented and acts performing – to those which are very rigid – such as the actual timing schedule for live TV purposes.

With your business blogging strategy, you should be into a routine that’s suited to both yourself and your readers, primarily so you both know when new content is to be added to the blog.

Remember, we’re all creatures of habit and like at least some type of routine.

2.  …but don’t be afraid to stray from it occasionally

Although it’s always recommended to stick to a business blogging routine where possible, there are times when you need to move away from it, whether that’s to incorporate extra content for the promotion of a new product or simply to engage more with your customers.

At this year’s Brit Awards, the organizers were heavily criticized for sticking too rigidly to the routine, resulting in Adele having to cut her speech for Best Album – the most coveted award of the night – short.

Feedback from the public was negative, with most believing she should have been allowed to finish her speech and cuts to other parts of the night being made.

3.  Provide quality all the time

The Brit Awards are all about quality, from the winners of the awards to the acts that perform and you’re extremely unlikely to see any sub-par performances throughout the night.

Quality should always come first in every aspect of life, including business blogging, as the simple fact is, most people would prefer to read one quality blog post than 10 poorly written ones.

4.  Throw in something out of the norm

It’s very easy for a business blog to become slightly monotonous or somewhat boring and it’s therefore important that now and again, you break away from what you would normally talk about and produce a blog post that provides something different for your readers.

Although the Brit Awards are a fantastic event, the organizers realize there’s a need to ensure people have something to talk about other than the music, and every year, they have couples you’d never see anywhere else presenting awards – Barcelona footballer Cesc Fabregas and ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger are a perfect example from this year’s awards.

5.  Discuss as much as you can

The Brit Awards are an action-packed event and you’re unlikely to ever be bored – whether you’re there in person or watching at home – with awards being presented and acts performing live mixed with chats and interviews from musicians and celebrities.

Having a business blog that’s updated once a month is generally going to be an improvement on having no business blog at all, but by increasing your blog posts to two or three a week, you’re providing regular content that people are going to want to read – and keep returning to read time and time again.

6.  Involve everyone

With the Brits, you can attend in person.  You can watch it on TV. You can follow the goings-on through social media platforms. 

Although a business blog should focus on communicating with your target market, you need to be certain that you’re not alienating any potential customers.

A business blog is all about communication and while you’re likely to have a great understanding of your current target market, you need to be aware that it’s likely to be continually growing and expanding.

7.  Never stop

The Brit Awards are known for the numerous problems that have been apparent during the ceremonies throughout the years, yet they’ve never failed to return better and stronger the following year.

Business blogging is not a quick and easy route to business success and you’re likely to come across a few stumbling blocks at times, but the most important point to remember is that the more time you dedicate to business blogging, the more you’ll get out of it.

The Brit Awards are a fantastic event, with a lot able to be learned on various business topics and although business blogging may not be the most obvious, it is no exception

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