I can’t believe it’s already March! I hope everyone’s still sticking to their resolutions! I know it’s rough. I mean, no one wants to spend hours sweating their butts off at the gym (well I do). If you just started working out, don’t give up because the end results will be worth it! Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a gym rat for years, here are some fitness motivators and essentials to help you keep pushing!


An agenda or planner is great for keeping track of your workload and important dates, but they also come in handy with keeping track of your fitness progress and workouts. It’s a good idea to use your agenda to keep track of which days you are working out, which body parts you’re working on, or what you plan to do for the upcoming months. All planners have a “notes” section, which comes in clutch when you want to write down your measurements and fitness goals for each month. Keeping tabs on how many inches you’re losing is a great way to stay motivated! I don’t always record my weight because sometimes it can be discouraging to see it go up, but you have to remember that muscle is more dense and compact than fat. If you see yourself getting heavier, it is probably because you’re packing on muscle… which is a big thumbs up!

They don’t sell the agenda I have anymore, but it’s from in the Florabunda pattern.


By technology, I am referring to your cellphone and/or wearable technology such as a Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin Vivosmart, etc. Many cellphones, if not all, have some kind of health-related application preinstalled in. With your smartphone, you have access to so many different applications out there that you can install for free. There are also so many different online fitness communities you can join with these applications and through social media, such as Instagram and Twitter. Those who own wearable technology can sync their devices with their phones to constantly keep track of their daily activities. Most of these devices set goals for you, such as taking 10,000 steps in a day, and reaching those goals feel very rewarding!

My all-time favorite fitness/health tracker application is My Fitness Pal. I also like referring to and Blogilate’s website for workout ideas and motivation. I currently have an iPhone, but I loved the step counter when I had a Samsung smartphone. I actually don’t know if the iPhone has one. It probably does, but I’ve never tried looking into it lol.


This one goes hand in hand with technology because, to use earphones, you’d need a device that plays music! It’s very important to have a good pair of earphones that will not only stay in your ears while you are jumping or running but for one that has good sound quality. I find it annoying when my earphones make buzzing sounds or when they don’t cancel out noise. For music, I like to round up a playlist with some heart-pumping tunes to get me in the zone. Yea, I’m one of those girls that blast Kanye’s songs before I start my workout lol. Having good earphones and a great playlist will give you that kick to push harder at the gym. If wired earphones bug you, you can get wireless ones that can sync up with your phone.

The earphones I have pictured above are from the Winter 2015 FabFitFun box, which you can read about my detailed review here!


I just had to save the best for last haha! I don’t go to the gym all matchy-matchy, but I do love buying cute workout clothes. Who doesn’t? It’s really hard to avoid them at the store because they’re always in your face. Looking cute at the gym can really boost someone’s confidence and if it works, why not? You can find a ton of cute workout clothes at Forever 21, Bench., Lululemon, and Joe Fresh.

The leggings pictured above are the Buddha M Leggings from Bench. I love these so much because they look so cute with the lightning/marble accents. I’ve seen so many other bloggers rock these! You can also read about the other Bench workout attire I have here! The shoes pictured above are the Nike Free Runs, which are my favorite running shoes! They are super lightweight, but I wouldn’t recommend them for squatting or a lot of stability work. The soles are very squishy, making them a bit difficult to balance when carrying a lot of weight. They’re made more specifically for running, hence the name… haha.

What motivates you to work out and stay on track? Let me know because I would love to learn a few new tips and tricks for myself  Happy sweating!

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