For some reason, meringue is one of those words that I find it really hard to spell. I don't know why, but it always stumps me. I have to almost way it out in my head when I write it: mer-in-gue. OK, so that was a slightly useless fact about me, and probably not why you are here.

For a few years now I've admired and followed the Meringue Girls. They have beautiful styling, design, and photography, plus a unique YUMMY product. What's not to love? So when I was recently in London, I was happy to discover that they were holding a masterclass.

So what did I discover? Their recipe is a pretty simple and standard meringue recipe, but their passion for cooking and what they do is almost palpable. As soon as you walk through the door you can't help but smile along with everyone else in the room. Their approach to ingredients is something I'm seeing more and more of. Less of the stuff you don't need and the chemicals. Why add vinegar if you don't really need it? When talking to Stacy, the thing that actually surprised me the most is how they got their 'big break' (for want of a better word). They were lucky enough to use a photographer named David Loftus (who works a lot with Jamie Oliver) as their website photographer. He happened to Instagram a picture of their product and like magic, their brand took off. Overnight practically people knew about them.

It struck me that nowadays, it's not just the traditional celebrity that can be responsible for making or breaking people, but so many more people. People like David Loftus hold so much power and I wonder if they realize it. If they realize the responsibility they have to do good and not evil. How one tiny gesture from them can change someone's world, for the better or for the worse. How they can make or break someone's dream in an instance.

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