What You Need to Know About Food Prep

Food prep is a staple part of life that shouldn’t be ignored if you really want to create lasting health and prevent or even manage the disease. Over the past few years of my life since the inception of Body Buddies, I have learned through my own experience, and that of my clients that the ONE thing separating success in body changes and frustration is, yep, food prep. Life is not always generous in delivering us hours upon hours to luxuriate in 4-hour meal prep.

I, myself, am lucky to find even 75 minutes each week to prep some of my staples. Staples–yes, that is the key. Some weeks I go without making one of my delicious recipes (click here to see the recipes found in Volumes 1, 2, and 3), and stick to fast-grab foods. Other weeks I enjoy a recipe or two and appreciate the time in the kitchen. No matter what your style is, do what best suits your lifestyle. Prep your food in a manner that will enable you to have some good options when you are tired at the end of the day and don’t want to cook.

Here are a few of the things I prepped this past Sunday to prepare for my week–welcome to my QUICK PREP kitchen:

1. Baked Asparagus

Hooray! Asparagus is actually affordable again at this time of year! I got two bunches and washed them.  I would rather not take the time in prepping to cut off the ends; I prefer to eat around them in each meal. I lightly sprayed my cookie sheet with an olive oil-based cooking spray, then lay the asparagus side by side. Since I knew that I would be pairing my asparagus with either a carb (like quinoa) or fat (like avocado), I didn’t drizzle them with olive oil. I simply sprinkled garlic salt and pepper on top, then baked for 12 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. After cooling, I divided them up into individual containers (see #3).

2. Raw Celery Stalks

So, I made an oopsy and bought more celery when I had forgotten I already had some in the crisper. This left me with TONS of celery! I absolutely loathe cutting celery so was about to just leave them in the fridge like this (which I know myself–I know I’ll let them go bad), but I heard my mom’s voice come into my head.  Set a timer for 5 minutes and do as much as you can in that 5 minutes. Get to work! (Why are moms SO good at popping in our heads?) 🙂 I did just that… I washed the celery and got chopping. It didn’t take me long at all to fill my Tupperware with easy-grab stalks for snacking on while I worked, or grabbing to eat while I ran out the door to appointments. I had extra, so diced them up into very small pieces to throw on top of salads for an extra crunch.

3. Boiled Chicken, Cooked Bacon, and Asparagus: a PVF meal

Boiling chicken is my fastest option lately, and it makes for an easily converted meat if I feel like doing something up differently during the week. If you’re a member of the private Facebook group Power Foods Lifestyle Champions, you will recall seeing what I made from my Tupperware of boiled chicken and asparagus!!

I choose nitrate and hormone-free bacon. Two strips equal an F (8-12 grams of fat), and I talk about bacon in Edition 2 of my book. Whether turkey or pork bacon, using it in moderation as an F is a great way to enjoy some deliciousness and help the chemicals in your brain to function properly. I filled half of the containers of asparagus + chicken with the bacon; the others I left empty (besides the PV combo) as I would be adding 2 oz. avocado to those meals fresh.

I am often asked if you should salt your foods. YES! I use at least 3-4 grinds of my Pink Himalayan sea salt on every meal.

When you are eating Power Foods 80%+ of the time, your sodium intake is actually LOW. You need to be getting around 2,300 mg/day (adults) for normal electrolyte function.*

*go lighter if you have high blood pressure, please 🙂

4. Random Bagged Veggies

From mini sweet peppers and handfuls of baby carrots to raw zucchini/cucumber slices and diced apples (I’m currently pairing 1/4 apple with my morning PVF meal and loving it, the key for me is to take the time to BAG the veggies. If I don’t do that, I simply don’t eat them. It’s that way for most of my clients, and probably for you who are reading this as well. Get my mom’s voice in your head:  Set the 5-minute timer and get to work! You can actually accomplish quite a bit in that time when you are focused and stop lolly-gagging (my dad’s favorite word!).

Here is a list of a few other staples I have on hand to create PVC of PVF meals as I need them for this week:

  • 1. Avocado (F)
  • 2. Raw almonds (F)
  • 3. Oats (C)
  • 4. Natural Peanut Butter (F)
  • 5. Protein Powder (P) 
  • 6. Black Olives (F)

As you can see I’m focusing more on fats this month as I am carb cycling at a 3:1. Learn more about carb cycling and see the plans that accompany this faster fat loss route than the normal PFL structure by joining Body Buddies World!

I hope this blog post helps you think a little bit more about the fact that this is actually quite simple; you just need to brainstorm small ideas. We can do that together in a Strategy Session or Coaching Call. 

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