6 Disney-Inspired Engagement Rings

How many Disney films have you seen in your lifetime? How many times have you wished you were Belle, Princess Jasmine, or one of the other Disney princesses?

As you prepare to tie the knot now that you’re engaged, think about using this time to celebrate your favorite movies and fictional characters while looking for the ideal band to represent your love story and distinct personality.

6 Engagement Rings Inspired by Disney

These Disney-inspired engagement rings will please your inner Disney lover and make your fiancé feel like the luckiest man alive.

1. Sleeping Beauty’s Diamond Ring:

Beautiful engagement ring Sleeping Beauty’s Diamond Ring is based on Princess Aurora’s magnificent diamond.

The ring is made of white, yellow, or rose gold and has a 1/4-carat round brilliant-cut diamond in the middle. For the woman who enjoys dreaming about her happily ever after, this princess-inspired item is perfect.

2. Snow White’s Heart Decoration Ring:

The princess who desires a classic-looking engagement ring would love Snow White’s, Heart Decoration Ring. On top of the engraved band of the platinum ring is a diamond set in the shape of a heart.

Two side diamonds that lend the perfect amount of glitter to this one-of-a-kind item are placed on either side of the center diamond, which weighs half a carat. The Union Square Ring of Belle Beautiful swirls are placed against a spherical yellow-gold setting on Belle’s Union Square Ring. It is obvious why this was modeled after her famous blue outfit.

You can have it made in either 14K white gold or 14K yellow gold, or both if you want! Sleeping Beauty’s Diamond Ring: Alfred Angelo created a magnificent Sleeping Beauty’s Diamond Ring!

It includes 4 alternating prongs holding 18 round brilliant cut diamonds in a halo setting. These beautiful stones are well accented by the solitaire mounting.

3. Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Ring:

The Glass Slipper Ring from Cinderella is the ideal method for you to mark your engagement, in our opinion. This captivating ring is styled like Cinderella’s glass slippers, with a sparkling diamond-shaped cutout in the middle and an elegantly curved band.

Round diamonds weighing a combined 0.35 carats are set into the ring, which is available in platinum, yellow, or rose gold. And yes, it really is as enchanted as you think.

4. Ariel’s Anchor Ring:

The character’s love of the water is hinted at in Ariel’s Anchor Ring. Ariel frequently wore the dainty gold banded ring around her neck while swimming. It has a solitary diamond.

On either side of the diamond, there are two pearls put in settings. Anyone who enjoys the water and has a sense of adventure will appreciate Ariel’s Anchor Ring!

5. The Evil Queen’s Ring from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

The Evil Queen’s ring is among the most well-known Disney rings. This ring is the ideal representation of strength, and even though it isn’t technically an engagement ring, it would make a stunning statement as part of your wedding jewelry set.

The Evil Queen’s Ring can be found on Etsy, with prices starting at $99.95USD.

The Evil Queen used her sorcery to trap the Prince and conquer his kingdom in Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which is where the Evil Queen’s Ring first appeared.

The ring gave her the appearance of being lovely and young, which helped her maintain her position of power. She was so sure of her skills that she tried to seem ancient when speaking with Snow White to demonstrate them.

6. Belle’s Yellow Rose Necklace

The ring that Belle wears throughout the movie, a yellow rose, is what makes her famous. It has a significant impact on Belle’s personality because it has been handed down through her family and given to her by her father, who eventually went away.

When she gives up the yellow rose to save the Beast, it indicates her willingness to do whatever it takes to save someone else. The yellow rose is a symbol of hope. The ring may be worn once the Beast was transformed back into a person, although this time with a blue ribbon rather than a yellow one.

There is a Disney-inspired engagement ring out there for every style and price range that will make you the happiest girl in the world.

We hope these lovely Disney-inspired engagement rings will help you find your happily ever after, whether you’re searching for a distinctive alternative to the classic diamond or something more understated.