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6 Tips to Prevent a Car Accidents in Winter

6 Tips to Prevent a Car Accidents During Winter

My Best Steps To Avoid Car Accidents During Winter, Each time winter comes, much needs to be done. Winterizing is common among us. Not only do we need the winterizing but our property, our home, and our car need it too.

Your car needs to be ready and prepared for the icy and snowy roads. If this is done, you can avoid or lessen the possibility of a road accident and other mishaps during the winter season. You would not want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with your engine at a halt, your tires lose traction or your wiper blades crack into pieces down the road. If you take the necessary action on your car early, your life can be saved from unwanted incidences especially if you live in a place where snow falls non-stop.

Car Accidents During Winter – Tips on Avoiding Them

6 Tips to Prevent a Car Accidents in Winter

6 Tips to Prevent a Car Accidents During Winter

Winter can be an extremely dangerous time for driving. Here are 6 easy steps to avoid car crashes during winter.

1. Check your tires. Tire pressure is the first thing for you to check. Tire pressure decreases as temperature drops or gets colder. Normally, when the temperature drops by 10-degree Fahrenheit, tire pressure is lost by a pound per square inch. Your tire needs to be inflated if the temperature continues to drop as deflated tires will reduce traction and can be slippery on icy and wet roads. I would advise that you use snow tires during the winter months as they can handle adverse winter road conditions as such tires have better traction and control.

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 2. Check the windshield wipers. If you have been using it for more than a year, it is better to replace it as there are chances that it won’t stand against the snow. If this happens the wiper blades may split and break and this is seriously dangerous when you are driving in the middle of a blizzard.  Use the windshield washer fluid instead of water to break the snow on the windshield.  Make sure your wiper is in good condition before winter starts so that it can give you a good view while driving.

3. Check the engine lubricant. Oil is used to lubricate the engine when working to avoid friction between metals. If the weather is too cool, the oil will thicken and this is bad for the engine. During winter it is advisable to use oil with less viscosity or thickness. The manual of your car can tell you what type of oil is needed during this cold season.

4.  Check the heater and defroster.  The heater is to keep you warm and snug while driving and the defroster will deter moist fogs up the windshield. Make sure these two are working properly, as it is quite hard to drive while shaking in cold and with moisture blocking your view.

5. Inspect the car battery. Normally, batteries will last three to four years. If your battery has reached its lifespan, it is better to replace it. If the battery is still within the time frame, make a thorough check to see if there are any corrosions on the cables and other areas. Check whether the battery fluid is at its normal level otherwise add distilled water to it. For better protection, has the battery check with your mechanic. There are times when the battery ends its life much less than it should.

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6. Keep a set of emergency kits in the care.  This includes flashlights, bottles of oil, and washer fluid. Ice scraper, gloves, blanket, and other relevant tools that will keep you safe during driving in the winter season.

Driving during the cold season needs more focus and alertness and this is tiring. Keeping your car in good condition will help your driving easier to handle.

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