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How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body

How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body

Tips Choosing The Right Perfume. There are lots of fragrances in the market which can cause you a headache when comes to choosing the right one for you. It is difficult to choose one that is suitable for your taste, personality, occasion and etc.

Tips for Choosing The Right Perfume

Here are some basic tips to guide you on how to Choose The Right Perfume which is perfect for you.

1. Your budget.

The prices for perfumes come in big ranges from cheap colognes to luxury designer brands. Determine what is your budget before you go to the shopping mall as this will narrow down your choices and you won’t spend too long finding what your pocket is worth.

2. What is your favorite smell.

Determine what type of fragrance you want and it is better to know when and where the perfume is to be used. Is it for a special occasion or do you want to seduce your lover and whether it will be used daily? If you want to give the perfume to someone, make sure you know what type of perfume he or she like most. If the perfume that you are buying is to be used daily such as to work or to school, then a lighter and fresher scent would be suitable. If it is to be used for a grand function, get a stronger one so that it can blend into your body chemistry.

How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body
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How To Choose The Right Perfume For Your Body

The weather or the season may also affect your decision to choose the type of perfume. For example, if you live in a very humid setting, floral-based fragrances are suitable to mix well with the sultry weather. Don’t choose a very strong smell if you are surrounded by many people nearby as some of them may not like the smell. Soft smell such as citrus, and other floral fragrances are always fresh and rejuvenating and is most suitable if you are always on the go. Having a date with your lover, try a scent that is stronger as this will heighten the romantic scene.

3. Check carefully before you decide to buy.

After following the above tips, I am sure that you have identified what perfume to buy and you are ready to go to the perfume shop. At the shop, examine carefully each perfume that you desire before purchasing it.

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Your nose can only give the correct smell for a few tests and above that, your testing will be futile. Test each of the perfumes on a card or paper and smell it and if you don’t like it go to the next perfume. Once you find it perfect, test it on your body by applying a small portion of the perfume on your wrist or at the back of your arm.

Usually, the saleslady will apply it on her skin and let you smell it. This is not correct as different skin will react differently to the perfume. You should spray it on your own skin as you can get a more perfect smell. Good perfumes are those that can give a nice smell not immediately. The longer it is sprayed on the skin, the smell will start to grow.

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