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How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally

How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally

How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally. Our nails are toughened skin cells made up of a sturdy protein called keratin. Our fingernails and toenails protect the tissues of our fingers and toes, enhance their sensitivity and help us with our grip. It is our responsibility to keep them neat and nourished for them to continue to do the required job.

Clean and healthy nails don’t just look good, but also indicate that you are a hygienic person. Here are some tips on How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally to bring out their best:

Certain vitamins particularly contribute to the overall health of your nails.  If you have weak nails, eat eggs, carrots, and other foods containing biotin or Vitamin H.  Vitamin E protects your nails and surrounding tissues. Broccoli, spinach, and tropical fruits are just some of the foods that are rich in Vitamin E. For thinning nails, treat them with Vitamin A. It is usually found in dark green and yellow vegetables and yellow fruits.  Applying topical creams containing Vitamin A can also help.

How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally

  1. Eat Healthily.  Make sure that you include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.
  2. Use gloves when gardening or doing household chores that may expose your hand to dirt and other harmful chemicals. Bear in mind that washing up liquid can be harmful to your fingernails and hands.
  3. Do not file your nails after taking a shower as they will have softened with the heat and water, which will cause them to break.
  4. Avoid using your fingernails to open cans to avoid chipping or breaking.
  5. Apply a clear nail hardener as this will protect and strengthen your weak nails. There are many discounted nail products that you can buy for relatively small amounts of money that will work wonders.
  6. Keep your nails away from acetone as it will cause severe dryness.
  7. Make sure to regularly trim your nails and use a file or an emery board for shaping.
  8. Always keep them moisturized.

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How To Get Healthy Toenails Naturally

  1. A healthy diet is always on top of the list. Your toenails need vitamins just like your fingernails.
  2. Bathing once a day will keep them in good shape. Make sure you wash under and between your toes with soap.
  3. Drying your foot will keep the fungus away, protecting your nails. Never forget to dry under and between your toes.
  4. Cut your toenails regularly. Cutting across will prevent you from suffering from ingrown nails. Your toenails are there to protect you from pressure and trauma to your toes and must not, therefore, be cut too short.
  5. Use a foot powder. After washing, drying, and cutting, massage your foot with an antiseptic foot powder.
  6. Always use a clean pair of socks with the right fit all the time to prevent fungal infections.
  7. Do not wear tight or small shoes. This can trigger ingrown toenail problems.
  8. Massage your toes once in a while to promote blood circulation.

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Our healthy nails can also be an indicator of how healthy we really are.

Pale, brittle, and weak nails are a sign that you are lacking in vitamins and nutrients.

It is easy to take your nails for granted, with busy schedules leaving little time for pampering. However, remember that the benefits are not just cosmetic. Taking good care of our nails will also ensure that our fingertips and toes are protected and you can enjoy your healthy nails.

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