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How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

For many people, trust is the most important ingredient of a relationship. But what happens when trust is broken? How can we trust again?

How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On. We need to come to grips with the reality that no one is perfect. Sooner or later, everyone around us will fail us in some way.

At least they will not always live up to our expectations of them, because our expectations will probably be above what they are really capable of doing at times.

The question is, how are you going to react when they fail? You need to ask yourself honestly, how much imperfection will I tolerate? That is something you need to settle in your own heart, BEFORE moving forward to build a relationship with another person.

So, one of the key ways to learn to trust again is to learn to forgive.

HOWEVER, please note I am not saying that if you forgive, it automatically means you will trust as before. No, forgiveness and trust are two very separate entities.

How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

How to Trust Again After Being Cheated On

How can you trust again? This is one of the most important questions that everyone has to answer. Of course, there are ways to regain trust in relationships.

Steps To Take:

To be able to trust again, the first step is to learn to trust yourself. Trust that YOU know what and who is best for YOUR life. The worst decisions I have made in my life are when I followed what others said was best, against what I felt to be right for me. Believe me, that is suicide.

The second step is to place limits and trust each person in our lives according to their reputation.

The third step is to accept that no one is perfect and allow for that.

Now we can relax and enjoy our friends and family, trusting each one on the level they have earned, and accepting each member as a unique individual we are learning to enjoy, not change.

(Learning to accept others and not try and change them is another topic, but here it is sufficient to say, we need to accept, not try and change, before trusting and loving another person).

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Check List:

Do I trust myself?

If your answer is no, stop right here, this is an area that needs work first. You are your own best friend and your own best judge.

We all need to place limits. Have I placed limits on the extent I trust each of my circle of friends (and even family)? Am I trusting each person to the extent they have shown themselves trustworthy? Have I set limits for each person which gives boundaries marking their place in my life? If the answer is no, you are setting yourself up for suffocation.

Am I trusting real people or fantasy images?

This seems a strange question. But so many people conjure up images in their minds of the “ideal friend” or the “ideal companion” etc and they trust this image rather than the real person. Of course, it won’t be long before the real person does not measure up to the fantasy image, and we feel disillusioned. Do I trust everyone in my life according to who I know them to be or for who I hope they are or will be? Remember if you are trying to trust an imaginary person (who you hope they are or will be), you are setting yourself up for disillusionment at best or betrayal at worst.

I trust that these questions will help you get started on the road to trusting in the right way, or if are on this road already, I trust this article will inspire you to continue.

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