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How to Write a Professional Pitch Letter

Learn how to write a pitch letter that will get you a meeting. Take this letter-writing course and master the art of writing a compelling, professional, and persuasive letter.

Getting free products that I would probably never have been able to afford before starting my blog has been nothing short of amazing. Below you’ll find an example of what I used to send companies when I was first starting out. I’m not gonna lie, it worked great and I didn’t really get rejected too much. But honestly, there are some problems with this letter. Now that I’ve gained quite a bit of experience working with companies, a few tweaks here and there and I could have definitely gotten fewer rejections.

What Is a Pitch Letter

A pitch letter is a short letter sent to someone who is interested in a project or idea. It is a one-page, short-form letter to the person in charge of making the decision, which includes a description of the project and the person’s qualifications for the job.

How to Write a Professional Pitch Letter

Here’s what your pitch letter should look like:

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is (insert name) and I am the writer and owner of (insert blog name). I came across (insert company name and where you found out about their company) and believe my blog followers would be very interested in learning (include products or items that your blog followers would be interested in. Be honest and make sure to really look at their site. I wish I had paid more attention to this. I think a big reason more companies didn’t say yes was because the letter I was writing looked like I was coying and pasting (which I unfortunately was) and made me look like I wasn’t at all interested in their their product or their company. Like I was just wanting to get anything I could for free. The company you’re contacting works hard every day to sell that product – you have to make them feel like it’s worth their while to send you this product free for review.)

I would love to write a review on one of your products (you probably want to include one item that you’re especially interested in and let them know why you’d like to try it out). The posts on my blog cover a wide range of topics from (Talk a little bit about what kind of posts you write. It’s helpful if you’ve written on something that pertains to the product you’re requesting to review. If you haven’t maybe you could include the fact that your blog is lacking in that area and that’s why you’d like to review their product.) Here’s a link to my blog (include link) twitter (if you have one include a link) and my facebook page (include link if you have one). Please reply if you’re interested!

Thanks so much,
(Insert name)
(Insert link to blog)

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