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VigLink Review for 2022: Content Monetization

VigLink is an affiliate marketing platform that allows businesses to pay VigLinks for sales they generate. Get a detailed review of this company and learn how to make money with VigLink.

When it comes to monetizing a blog – in the beauty niche or otherwise – I highly recommend it.

One of the drawbacks of affiliate marketing is that it can take up a lot of time. There is an application to networks and individual programs. There is generating those tracking links to get credit for referred sales. Then there is updating the links should a program change networks or update its URLs. For many bloggers, it is just too much. That’s why I love VigLink.

Think about all of those products you recommend to your readers and talk about them on your blog. Now think about how long it would take to apply as an affiliate to all of those programs individually. A long time, right? And you will inevitably be denied for a few along the way. Those programs are probably available to you within VigLink. They work with over 35,000 online merchants! In the beauty industry alone you have access to retailers like Sephora, Amazon, Carol’s Daughter, Paula’s Choice, and more.

How Does VigLink Work?

You will need to apply to VigLink just as you would any other affiliate network. But once you are approved, that’s it. You get paid 75% of any commissions. If you think that’s a bad deal, don’t. Not only are you likely missing out on money now by not monetizing your links, but VigLink is also able to negotiate higher commissions that are available to you as an individual affiliate in many cases.


VigLink Review for 2022: Content Monetization

After approval, you can either paste the VigLink code within your blog pages or you can use their WordPress plugin. Going forward they can monetize your blog links in several ways.

  • Convert – This option will only convert non-affiliate links on your website. If I link to Sephora.com VigLink will convert that link when someone clicks it allowing me to earn any resulting commission. Convert only works when you link to an outside website.
  • Insert – This option will “insert” new links to merchants and products you mention in your content. If you recommend the Clarisonic PLUS to your readers, VigLink may insert a link for you if you didn’t. They will automatically insert a link to the highest bidder giving you the biggest payout.
  • Spotlight – This is a feature coming soon that “listens” to what you are writing about and showcases those products in a shoppable widget for your readers.
  • Anywhere – Want to share a link on social media? No problem. You can build a custom monetized link and take it “anywhere.”

What Kind of Blogger Will Benefit From VigLink?

Any blogger can benefit from VigLink. Even though I am an affiliate for most of the products I promote, I still use it to monetize my blog for several reasons.

  • If I am declined as an affiliate for an opportunity, I can still use VigLink to make money on those referrals.
  • If I will only be promoting a product or merchant a few times and don’t want to mess with applying as an affiliate I can use VigLink. Not only will this save me time, but I also don’t have to worry about meeting the payment threshold for another company.
  • VigLink adds a nifty disclosure to inserted links and follows them to stay compliant with both Google and the FTC.
  • If you are in a state with Nexus Laws and have found yourself turned away from affiliate programs, here is an easy solution.

If you are looking for how to monetize a website with little effort and upkeep, I recommend going the VigLink route. And if you are an existing affiliate for frequently promoted products, they won’t mess with your affiliated links – unless you want them to. You control the settings.

Visit VigLink to learn more about their program and start monetizing your content today.

What questions do you have about VigLink? If you have used the service, please share your experience.

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