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Winterizing Your Home

Winterizing Your Home: Tips on Preparing for a Cold Season

Winterizing Your Home With the weather turning colder, many of us are thinking about how to protect our homes from the elements. This is the place to learn how to properly prepare your home for the winter weather.

The winterizing process may be simple or complicated and as such, it is advisable to hire a professional to do it. You might need a contractor or electrician or a plumber or both to complete the tasks.

Despite that, there are tasks that you can do yourself without waiting for a professional.

Pipe freezing and bursting are common problems that cropped up during winter. This is because the too low temperature can cause the pipe component to crack and break.

Winterizing Your Home: How to Winterize With Ease

Winterize your home to protect your family from cold weather. You can prevent or limit the damage caused by frozen pipes, broken windows and doors, and burst pipes.

We may open the faucets to let the excess water drip away but this may cause us some money in the long run. As an alternative, I would recommend simple pipe insulation by wrapping the pipe with it. This method is suitable for outdoor pipes and faucets and also those located under your house.

How can we maintain our indoor hot temperature?   We can seal our doorways by applying weather stripping which must be properly fitted around the doors. This will prevent the heated air from seeping away and avoid the entrance of cold air.

You can fix storm windows but if you think it is too expensive then choose to use a window insulation kit such as the Indoor Insulator which is cheaper.  The latter can also be applied together with the storm window.

Air conditioning is very important during winter. Have the vents and ducts inspected when you check the conditioning? If the air ducts were misaligned, chances are heated air gets lost easily. You can check and repair if the misalignment is minimal. Otherwise, you need to call the air-conditioning expert to repair it for you.

The roof and gutter need to be cleaned before winter. If you want to leave your home for a long period during winter, get someone to clean the gutters and roof as this will avoid too much ice forming. If this is not done, then it can cause the gutter to face serious damage in the long run.

Winterizing Your Home: Tips on Preparing for a Cold Season

Before you meet with the coldest climate, make sure all the necessary repairs have been completed.  Purchases of relevant equipment for winterizing should be done early to enjoy a lower price. It is a norm that when more people approach the store to get the winterization things, chances are the price will increase.

Even if you have completed the winterizing process, that does not mean you can leave it. If you are going for a long period holiday or want to sell the house, you have to get someone to check the condition of the house once in a while. Damages may happen after that due to the winter climate.

A note of reminder, winterizing will not assure you that your house is safe from damages, but it will prevent your property from being completely unusable after the winter ended.

Hire someone to look after the house and if possible conduct daily visits. Give them permission to call for repairs if the need arises.

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