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all I could think of was where, how and why is all this happening now to john who is such a nice guy as the doctor went on explaining what foot ulcer was and how diabetes had a role to play in john's caseRead More
“There is was something about the way she walks, especially when she’s in those heels I get for her from”Read More

Going to the beach looking classy, comfortable and free can be a bit tricky sometimes... lets take your on a shopping tour for footwearS especially to one of the best beaches in the world "Seychelles"

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The causes of this condition vary, people with wide feet often experience discomfort and embarrassment over their unusually wide feet which is totally normal seeing they are usually not happy about it.Read More


01. Jan
I don’t understand men sometimes, if there is a problem one would expect them to open up and say, but no, they would rather keep it inside because they are men and suffer in painRead More
The most expensive shoe brands of 2018 is a tricky list hands downRead More
So you go to a shoe store to get your shoes or you place an order online for those perfect pair of shoes, only for you to receive them and find out, that they are not your sizeRead More
“The eraser of a pencil” I asked as that was my first time “yes, home remedy hack..Read More
OK so the following ways I’ve talked about below is not a general rule, they are just some researched tips we have put together to help you make the right BOOT decision!! So lets dive into itRead More
Choosing the type of shoes to wear to the office is a little tricky.Read More